기사제목 LSJ Company CEO Lee Seo-jin said, "We will do our best to have a good influence." [Interview]
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LSJ Company CEO Lee Seo-jin said, "We will do our best to have a good influence." [Interview]

기사입력 2021.05.20 21:36
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LSJ Company CEO Lee Seo-jin said he will compete in the Miss elite World Beauty Contest in Egypt.

Currently, the World Beauty Contest is considered an art field of K-art, which is enthusiastic by countless fans, by integrating beauty industries such as performance, self-introduction, costumes, and makeup through systematic education and support from each country's association. At this time, Miss Elite is a global beauty contest that must pass various standards such as intelligence and personality as well as simple appearance.

Lee Seo-jin, the author of the best-selling book "A Music Student in Search of Dreams," said he had prepared for a new book manuscript and book publishing Wadiz Funding, which included a five-year course for LSJ Company.


- How did you get into the world beauty pageant?

▶I majored in orchestral music and double bass at Ewha Womans University, and based on what I learned at Ewha Womans University, I wanted to become a confident and independent woman and influence many women, so I started various challenges. She won a beauty prize in Miss Intercontinental Seoul, a Korean beauty pageant, and participated in Miss Aura International Beauty Contest held in Turkey last year. These days, I think that promoting and decorating oneself is also an ability, so I had a lot of experience and participated to promote Korea and Hanbok.

- How do beauty pageants work around the world?

▶From May 19 to 20, the festival will feature a two-day Grand finale, boot camp at the Soma Bay Beach Resort in Egypt, and Clara Haddad, an Arabian star from superstar (American Idol fan Arabic version) and host Aiman Kaissouni. Before the final stage, Korea's beauty and status will be presented on May 31 after a week of preliminary screening, starting with the press conference, swimsuits, folk costumes and dress contests, to sports such as horseback riding, camels, safari, bicycles, tennis and golf.


- What did you prepare for the world beauty pageant?

▶ After a year, she succeeded in dieting again. The competition, which was held in December, seemed to falter as it was postponed to May, but eventually lost 5kg a week before the competition. The tip is that on the first day of diet, holding out with three eggs reduces the amount and keeps away from salty foods. I was not interested in decorating together, so I took tutoring for hair, makeup, and clothing styling and practiced walking to get used to 20cm heels. I would like to thank photographer Kim Chul-joon, producer Cho Han-kyung, Yoon Jung-teacher who taught me how to walk and style, Eun-jung makeup teacher, and Lee Sun-young, director of Hanbok, for lending me a pretty ava wedding dress and hanbok.

▶ My mother also had a hard time preparing for the world beauty pageant. They sorted all the luggage, organized it by bag, and went to see Hanbok and dress together. I would like to say thank you very much to my mother, who has been helping me with graduation performances, concerts, and beauty contests for five years.

Photo =lsj Company's Lee Seo-jin Instagram @1994seojin2


- What are you experiencing at the World Beauty Competition?

▶ Four days ago, I arrived in Egypt first and learned a lot from free travel. I think I used English the hardest after preparing for foreign language high school. Still, the biggest advantage is that they learn about each country's characteristics and culture, expanding their knowledge and eliminating prejudice. Along with the best hotels and curricula, I am also learning the planning skills of offline events.

▶ Promotes jewelry brand Luciajewerly, instrument team Key Joyce and LSJ Company bags. In the case of Lucia jewerly, foreign friends like it because it is big and colorful. I'm proud to have a friend who bought it by reservation already. In the case of the LSJ Company bag, the advantage is that it can carry a lot of luggage, so I also carried a key Joyce cup holder and explained Western instruments myself.

▶In addition, we hope that people around us will always do well, so we are taking this opportunity to promote our neighboring brands Madainco Hat and Bad Boss Mask. Madeinco hats use materials that utilize the signature logo of the Taegeukgi's dry-gon monitoring barcode and the Korean national code CODE82. Bad Boss Mask is a mask business that is being carried out in collaboration with the Bad Boss Company and Choi Hee-young, CEO of Ezer Fashion, who developed high-quality embroidered masks that are comfortable to breathe.

Is there anything difficult?

▶ There is a great fear of continuous competition and evaluation. In addition, it is harder than I thought to remember and get closer in a short period of time because I get to know my friends from so many countries at once. My words and actions can remain an image of Korea for them, so I am enjoying it. Because this will also be a valuable experience.

- What do you want to get from the world beauty pageant and your future goals?

▶ A few years ago, beauty contests were too far away for me, but it's amazing to participate like this. Of course, it is good to win a prize, but based on this experience, I try to develop myself by focusing on gaining insights and focusing on relationships with people. I am grateful that I am given great luck compared to my efforts and that I am getting a lot of help from people around me. Listening to positive and negative thoughts about Korea that I feel abroad, I think about how to have a better influence and try to act. Thank you to everyone who supports me.

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